Joan Durand


Thanks for visiting By Design!  My name is Joan Durand and I help small businesses measure and increase their profit, efficiency and growth.

By Design does this by creating and implementing solutions to operational problems. Accounting systems with reports that measure profit in terms anyone can understand. Project management systems that employees actually use and marketing plans that are measurable and easy to follow.

Your Business, By Design. Every small business has a unique culture, so I tailor systems to their style – making them usable – within a sound business practice foundation.  I also help entrepreneurs/owners create balance in their lives. It is easy to get caught up in the momentum of a growing business only to find yourself exhausted and without a personal life. Helping craft real world solutions to manage that delicate balance is my passion.

I have over 20 years of real world management experience in a variety of manufacturing and service oriented businesses. I started at the bottom and know the ins/outs of almost every position. That gives me an insight that most consultants/coaches don’t have.

I am not alone. Over the years I have developed a network of fabulous professionals that can provide support and services in other areas. Brand Identity and overall design, specialized programming, marketing materials printing, CPA and bookkeeping services. Check out the BDI Resource page for more information.

I am constantly challenging myself to learn new things. This includes going back to college in my forties to finish a degree in Public Relations, minor in Digital Design at Tulane. I am infinitely curious about new technology and how businesses can use it efficiently to grow their businesses. Effective websites that are mobile friendly, when and how to use social media (without being swallowed by it), the next new thing and when to embrace it are all part of my daily education – I want to share that research with you through the PEG blog.

Let’s get started! To learn more about how to best work with me check out Strategic Organizational Plans.

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Online Marketing

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Measuring Profit

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