Balance: Childlike Exploration

Block out a few minutes to go outside and explore nature with childlike enthusiasm. It is sure to refresh and reconnect you to your life.

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I woke up this Sunday morning at 6:15 to the sounds of excited young boy cries. Laying there for a moment, I thought how fun to be that excited at the beginning of the day.

Hermit CrabI wandered out with the dogs to find three boys (ranging from 6-11 years old) crawling on seawalls, leaning precariously low over the dock and wading in the boat launch area. Each one making their own discoveries and yelling to share with the others. It was such a happy sound. (Although, others who like to sleep in on Sunday mornings may not have thought so.)

When I asked what they had found – one proudly showed me a “hermit” and said he was hunting “hermits”. Another had found a school of minnows – and was fascinated with how they moved together. And the other was going between the two, too busy to be bothered by an adult.

It reminded me that right outside my door I can find the excitement, awe and enthusiasm of small discoveries. Every day, every moment.


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