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Tim Brownson: 3 Killers of Hope and Dreams

I recently finished a “unsticking” stint with Tim, who is a fabulous and funny life coach. He pushed me in ways that were surprising and I believe everyone needs to talk someone who can help you weed through the muck of your mind at times. His post The 3 Killers of Hope and Dreams spoke […]

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Balance: Today’s view from the corner office

Enjoying life and work for me includes portability. Today, I have the privilege of working from the porch overlooking the Lagoon in Gulf Shores. (In fact, I had to stop writing this – to pick up the binoculars and watch a pelican fight to keep a rather large fish from getting away!) I have made […]

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Balance: Childlike Exploration

Block out a few minutes to go outside and explore nature with childlike enthusiasm. It is sure to refresh and reconnect you to your life. I woke up this Sunday morning at 6:15 to the sounds of excited young boy cries. Laying there for a moment, I thought how fun to be that excited at […]

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