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There are many ways to work with me but one of the best is to start with a Strategic Organization Plan. This plan starts with the big picture and then drills down to the daily operational needs that go into making a business successful. It will identify the balance between personal and business goals so you aren’t overwhelmed, gives you an overview of profit, efficiency and growth factors for your business and leaves you with a strategic timeline with deadlines for your marketing goals.  You can either walk away and implement or have me help on a project by project basis. This is not a fancy consultant plan. Think of it more as a strategic road map for the operations side of your business.

Strategic Organizational Plans

Typical Plan Contents:

  • Overview: General overview of business, revenue streams, systems and processes.
  • Profit: Accounting system and process analysis, recommendations and implementation plan. Includes overview and questions about markups, margins, costing, revenue streams, cashflow, overhead, reserves, etc. This section helps solidify methods to measure profit.
  • Efficiency: This section reviews and recommends best practices for systems and processes within your business. How to use systems/processes more effectively and perhaps some better solutions. It will address how you wish to work and emergency planning.
  • Growth: Review, thoughts and recommendations on client base, revenue streams, profit margins, how to market online and offiline. Includes recommendations for any specialists you might need to help you grow.
  • Implementation Timeline: No plan is effective without measurable, timed goals. I will work with you to get immediate, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year goals in place.

How it works:

I meet (via phone, Skype or in person) with you to discuss your business, issues, wishlist and triumphs. You fill out a detailed questionnaire that helps me walk you through what you really want (this is the therapist part) and need in order to be successful and happy. I write a first draft based on that information. You review the first draft and we meet to discuss. I revise and create a final copy. We discuss implementation and follow up with you once a week via email for 4 weeks to see how the implementation is going. I am available to help with the implementation on a project by project basis.


Because small businesses come in all shapes and sizes – it is hard to price a plan without first knowing about the business. Solopreneur plans start at $750 and depending on the size and complexity of needs the range can top out around $5,000.