Finally, the fun part!  And yet, it can marketing be confusing and overwhelming.  How fast should you grow?  How do you measure growth?  Branding/Visual Identity?  Marketing plans?  Measurable Goals?

I can help with all of this and also demystify the online world.  What do your customers really want from you? (Hint – it isn’t an online community.) We will go over websites, blogs and the major players in Social Media.  You need to know what is hype and what is critical to your business. I spend a lot of my time researching and educating myself on best business practices as well as the next big thing.

Finally, what other revenue streams are you not exploring?  Do you really know who your customers are?  Do you need to “fire” a few in order to grow?

I am available on a project by project basis (just email me) or check out how to start with a Strategic Organizational Plan.