Profit Piggy

So often, we get bogged down with accounting systems that have all the bells and whistles along with official sounding reports – P/L statements, Balance sheets, etc.  All good things to have, your CPA will love you for them.  But, how often are you really looking at them?  And don’t you really want a simple report that says “Yes, I am making money and this is how much I am making, or YIKES, do something now!”  I can guide you through profit reporting and help you create reports that make sense to you.  I will also tell you why you do need to look at a P/L and Balance Sheet.

What about overhead and cashflow?  Do you have enough reserves?  Can you project what you need?  Do you know your monthly overhead? And, why should you care?  What about costing?  Margins vs Markups?  Controlling Costs?  Other Revenue Streams?

I am available on a project by project basis (just email me) or check out how to start with a Strategic Organizational Plan.